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WEHC 2015 Kyoto: Session "Share and Co-Creation: History of Global Production, Circulation and Consumption of Clothing and Material Culture"(2015年8月4日9時~12時半 国立京都国際会館)

XVIIth World Economic History Congress, Kyoto 2015Program & Summary(PDF 116KB)

Papers (PDF files will be uploaded)

Miki Sugiura, Hosei University, Japan (Session Organizer 1) 杉浦未樹(法政大学)
Garments for sail and textiles for slaves: Creation of Cheaper Cloth and Clothing in Cape Town in the 18th century (PDF 328KB)
Michael North, University of Greifswald, Germany (Session Organizer 2)
Possessions of Sarongs and other Textiles in Batavia and Malacca in the 18th Century (PDF 396KB)
Renate Pieper, University of Graz, Austria
Changing dress codes in the Spanish Empire during the 18th century (PDF 135KB)
Izumi Takeda, Wako University, Japan 竹田泉(和光大学)
Irish coarse linens and the American market: an analysis from an 18th-century perspective (PDF 686KB)
Anne McCants, MIT, USA
Textile Meanings in a Global Capital: Fabric and Fashion in 18th c. Amsterdam (PDF 255KB)
Naoko Inoue, Tokyo International University, Japan 井上直子(東京国際大学)
Emergence of Japanese Silk Waste Industry in Global and Domestic Context: from Late 19th Century to Early 20th Century (PDF 8206KB)
Jeremy Prestholdt, University of California, San Diego, USA
Fashion between empires: African consumers, Japanese industry, and British economic power in the interwar period (PDF 251KB)
Salvatore Ciriacono, University of Padua, Italy
Chinese, Japanese and European Silk. A comparative approach (PDF 166KB)